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‘Northern Stars: the Ulster-Scots Literary Tradition and the North-West’

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GrayThe next talk in the series will be on 22 November at 7pm in the Tower Museum, Union Place, Derry/Londonderry.  We are delighted to have Carol Baraniuk & David Gray (University of Ulster) present their talk ‘Northern Stars: the Ulster-Scots Literary Tradition and the North-West’.

This talk will briefly trace the history of Ulster-Scots writing, demonstrating its variety and character in the vernacular but also in the standard register. It will address the issue of what constitutes Ulster-Scots literature, challenge the myth that it is the preserve and the inheritance of only one community on the island of Ireland and consider how its relationship to the Irish literary canon may be interpreted.  The speakers’ main focus will be on six writers from different periods. These will include the Scotch-Irish poet Robert Dinsmoor (1757-1836), Sarah Leech (1809-30), a rare example of a female vernacular voice, and John Michelburne (1647-1721), author of the drama, Ireland Preserved; or, The Siege of London-Derry.  All writers to be discussed have direct connections with North-West Ulster, and have in diverse ways represented, affirmed or engaged with the Ulster-Scots literary tradition.

There is no cost to attend this talk and everyone is most welcome to attend.  If anyone has any questions or would like more information please contact Dr Andrew Robinson (robinson-a@email.ulster.ac.uk or Dr Billy Kelly (bp.kelly@ulster.ac.uk).


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