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German – Unit Of Assessment

For further information regarding study in this research area: Dr Ian Connor

General description
The German research group in the University contains staff who have attained eminence in their research areas and have worked together for more than ten years. The research expertise of the group is primarily in modern German history, though one colleague also has significant publications in the area of German literature and culture. Staff also have a strong interest in the study of contemporary German society and politics.

Recent staff research projects include: A biography of the Austrian Celticist, Julius Pokorny; refugees and expellees in post-War Germany; German Evangelicalism; Americanization of the Holocaust; Irish Presbyterian missionary work to the Jews of Hamburg; Nazi Historiography and the Partition of Ireland; German-Israeli relations; and German-Jewish writers such as Jurek Becker, Erich Fried and Lion Feuchtwanger.

Research supervision
In recent years PhD theses in the area have been completed on the German-Jewish writer Lion Feuchtwanger and on British Military Government and the Churches after the Second World War, while another student is currently completing a thesis on Austrian minority politics.
Research supervision is available in the following areas: German history, politics and society since 1945; German Protestantism; German-Jewish Literature and History; the German involvement in Celtic Studies.

Research facilities
Research facilities include a library strong in post-1945 German history and politics. The library makes full use of the internet for database searching. All research students, i.e. those registered for MPhil and PhD degrees, are members of the Faculty of Arts Research Graduate School, which provides research training, including training in the acquisition of computer skills. Postgraduate rooms with computers and study facilities are available for students on the three campuses of the University on which Faculty staff are based.

Staff and research areas:

Dr Ian Connor
German history since 1945, especially refugees and expellees in post-War Germany.

Professor Pól Ó Dochartaigh
German-Jewish Literature and History; Anti-Semitism; The German involvement in Celtic Studies; German literature since 1945.

Dr Nick Railton
German Protestantism; Protestantism in Ireland and Scotland.


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