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James Loughlin (PhD, TCD) is a Reader in History and has taught at the University since 1988. His research interests are in nineteenth and twentieth century Irish and British history. His publications have covered the Home Rule question, Ulster Unionist identity, and more recently, the British monarchy and Ireland.

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Books Authored

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Loughlin, James (2011) The British Monarchy and Ireland: 1800 to the Present (paperback edition with revisions and corrections). Cambridge University Press. Cambridge. 414 pp ISBN 978-0-521-17408-4

Loughlin, James (2007) The British Monarchy and Ireland: 1800 to the Present. Cambridge University Press. Cambridge. 414 pp ISBN 978-0-521-84372-0

Loughlin, James (2004) The Ulster Question since 1945( 2nd revised and expanded edition). Palgrave Macmillan. 285 pp ISBN 1-4039-2030-3

Loughlin, James (1998) The Ulster Question since 1945. Macmillan. London. 167 pp ISBN 0-333-60615-9

Loughlin, James (1995) Ulster Unionism and British National Identity since 1885. Pinter/Cassell. London. 266 pp ISBN 0-86187-850-0

Loughlin, James (1986) Gladstone, Home Rule and the Ulster Question 1882-93. Gill and Macmillan. Dublin. 0 pp ISBN 0 7171 1471 6

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Loughlin, James (2014) Rotha Lintorn-Orman, Ulster and the British Fascists Movement. Immigrants & Minorities, 32 (1). pp. 62-89.

Loughlin, James (2013) Royal Agency and State Integration: Ireland, Wales and Scotland in a Monarchical Context 1840s-1921. The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 41 (3). pp. 377-402.

Loughlin, James (2007) Creating ‘a Social and Geographical Fact’: Regional Identity and the Ulster Question 1880s to the 1920s. Past & Present, 195. pp. 159-196.

Loughlin, James (2002) Allegiance and Illusion: Queen Victoria’s Irish Visit of 1849. History, 87 (288). pp. 491-513.

Loughlin, James (1999) Consolidating ‘Ulster’: Regime Propaganda and Architecture in the Inter-war Period.. National Identities, 1 (2). pp. 161-177.

Loughlin, James (1995) Northern Ireland and British Fascism in the Inter-war Years. Irish Historical Studies, 29 (116). pp. 537-552.

Loughlin, James (1992) Joseph Chamberlain, English Nationalism and the Ulster Question. History, 77 (250). pp. 202-219.

Loughlin, James (1990) T.W. Russell, the Tenant-Farmer Interest and Progressive Unionism in Ireland, 1886-1900. Eire-Ireland, 25 (1). pp. 44-63.

Loughlin, James (1985) The Irish Protestant Home Rule Association and nationalist Politics 1886-93. Irish Historical Studies, 24 (95). pp. 341-360.

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Book Sections

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Loughlin, James (2012) The British Monarchy and the Irish Viceroyalty – politics, architecture and palace 1870-1914. In: The Irish Lord Lieutenancy c. 1541-1922. (Eds: Gray, Peter and Purdue, Olwen), University College Dublin Press, Dublin, pp. 179-198. ISBN 9781906359607

Loughlin, James (2012) Ulster: Politics and Society 1800-1960. In: Ulster since 1600. (Eds: Ollernshaw, Philip and Kennedy, Liam), Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 229-244. ISBN 9780199583119

Loughlin, James (2007) Crown, Spectacle and Identity: the British Monarchy and Ireland under the Union 1800-1922. In: The Monarchy and the British Nation , 1780 to the Present. (Eds: Olechnowicz, Andrzej), Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 108-136. ISBN 978-0-521-84461-1

Loughlin, James (2004) Nationality and Loyalty: Parnellism, Monarchy and the Construction of Irish Identity 1880-85. In: Ireland in Transition 1867-1925. (Eds: Boyce, D.G. and O’Day, Alan), Routledge, London, pp. 35-56. ISBN 0415 332 575

Loughlin, James (2002) Mobilising the Sacred Dead: Ulster Unionism, the Great War and the Politics of Remembrance. In: Ireland and the Great War: ‘A War to Unite Us All?’. (Eds: Gregory, Adrian and Paseta, Senia), Manchester University Press, Manchester, pp. 133-154. ISBN 0 7190 5924 0

Loughlin, James (2000) Parades and Politics: Liberal Governments and the Orange Order 1880-86. In: ‘Following the Drum’: The Irish Parading Tradition. (Eds: Fraser, T.G.), Macmillan, London, pp. 27-43. ISBN 0333718380

Loughlin, James (1999) Imagining ‘Ulster’: the North of Ireland and British National Identity 1880-1921.. In: Kingdoms United? Britain and Ireland since 1500: Integration and Diversity. (Eds: Connolly, S.J.), Four Courts Press, Dublin, pp. 109-122. ISBN I-85182-401-4

Loughlin, James (1991) Constructing the Political Spectacle: Parnell, the Press and national Leadership, 1879-86. In: Parnell in Perspective. Routledge, London, pp. 221-243. ISBN 0415067227

Loughlin, James (1990) Some Comparative Aspects of Irish and English Nationalism in the Late Nineteenth Century. In: Aspects of Irish Studies. (Eds: Hill, Myrtle and Barber, Sarah), Institute of Irish Studies/Queens University Belfast, Belfast, pp. 9-15. ISBN 0 85389 342 X

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