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About Professor MacRaild

Don is Professor of British and Irish History having previously held chairs of History at the Northumbria University and Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Prior to that, he held lectureships at the universities of Northumbria and Sunderland. Don is a Lancastrian with Scottish roots on both sides of his family and was born and raised in the shipbuilding town of Barrow-in-Furness. He is a leading authority on the Irish Diaspora and has has produced ten books or pamphlets and over forty articles and chapters.

Don is member of the AHRC Peer Review College, a member of the Inner Panel of the Irish Research Council and an assessor for the Australian Research Council. He has held major funding from Leverhulme, the ESRC and the AHRC, and has had smaller awards from the Scouloudi Foundation, the Marc Fitch Fund, and others.

Research Fields

Don has several overlapping fields of research expertise, including: the Irish in Britain and the wider British World; the Irish and British Diasporas; the history of the Orange Order outside Ireland; the history of labour and social organization; and ethnicity and ethnic conflict in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Don was PI of the AHRC funded project ‘Locating the Hidden Diaspora: The English in North America in Transatlantic Perspective, 1760-1950’ (2011-14). For more information see

He is currently PI (with Liam Kennedy as Co-I) on a Leverhulme-funded project, ‘The Irish and British Famine, 1845-50: Comparing Lives Lost and Lives Saved’ (2016-), which seeks to answer two vital, but rarely asked, questions: how many lives could have been saved using the existing technology (administrative, medical, transport and other services) but relaxing the financial and ideological constraints that shackled famine relief?; and how many more lives would have been lost had the much-criticised British relief measures not been introduced? The aim is to gain a clearer picture of this enormous human and ecological disaster.

Don has successfully supervised numerous thesis students in his areas of expertise and has examined doctoral candidates at Trinity College Dublin, National University of Ireland, London, Strathclyde and in both New Zealand and Australia.

Don has PhD students working on Irish migration, asylums in Ulster, the migrations of British and Irish indentured labour to North America, and the Irish and the English poor law. He is happy to hear from potential graduate students wishing to work on British and Irish social and economic history or on the British and Irish diasporas.


Don was educated at Liverpool Polytechnic where, in 1989, he took a first-class bachelor of arts. In 1993 he was awarded a PhD by Sheffield University, and three years later received a Certificate in Higher Education from the University of Sunderland.

Professional Affiliations

Fellow, Royal Historical Society
Co-Editor of the journal Immigrants & Minorities
Affiliated Researcher at the Academy for British and Irish Studies, University of Huddersfield

Contact Details

Office I023
+44 (0)28 7012 4579

Books Authored

Number of items: 9.

Black, Jeremy and MacRaild, Donald (2016) Studying History. Palgrave-Macmillian. Basingstoke. 272 pp ISBN 9781137478597

MacRaild, Donald M. and Bueltmann, Tanja (2016) The English diaspora in North America: Migration, ethnicity and association, 1730s–1950s. Manchester University Press. Manchester. 418 pp ISBN 978-1-5261-0371-0

MacRaild, Donald (2010) The Irish Diaspora in Britain, 1750-1939. Palgrave Macmillan. London. 296 pp ISBN 9780230240285

MacRaild, Donald (2006) Irish in Britain, 1800-1914. Studies in Irish Economic and Social History. Dundalk. 96 pp ISBN 978-0-947897-03-1

MacRaild, Donald (2005) Faith, Fraternity and Fighting: the Orange and Irish Migrants in England, c.1850-1920. Liverpool University Press. 353 pp ISBN 978-0853239390

MacRaild, Donald and Taylor, Avram (2004) Social Theory and Social History. Palgrave-Macmillian. Basingstoke. 224 pp ISBN 978-0333947470

Black, Jeremy and MacRaild, Donald (2003) Nineteenth-Century Britain. Palgrave. Basingstoke. 349 pp ISBN 978-0333725603

MacRaild, Donald and Martin, David E. (2000) Labour in Britain, 1830-1914. Palgrave. Basingstoke. 240 pp ISBN 978-0333731598

MacRaild, Donald (1998) Culture, Conflict and Migration: The Irish in Victorian Cumbria. Liverpool University Press. Liverpool. 256 pp ISBN 978-0853236627

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Books Edited

Number of items: 3.

Bueltmann, Tanja, Gleeson, David and MacRaild, Donald, eds. (2012) Locating the English Diaspora, 1500-2010. Liverpool. 246 pp. Liverpool University Press. ISBN 9781846318191

Delaney, Enda and MacRaild, Donald M., eds. (2007) Irish Migration, Networks and Ethnic Identities Since 1750. London. 304 pp. Routledge. ISBN 13: 9780415390538

MacRaild, Donald, ed. (2000) The Great Famine and Beyond: Irish Migrants in Britain in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Dublin. 303 pp. Irish Academic Press. ISBN 9780716527060

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Number of items: 17.

MacRaild, Donald (2015) Transnationalising “Anti-Popery”: Militant Protestant Preachers in the Nineteenth-Century Anglo-World. Journal of Religious History, 39 (2). pp. 224-243.

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MacRaild, Donald (2013) ‘No Irish Need Apply’: The Origins and Persistence of a Prejudice. Labour History Review, 78 (3). pp. 269-299.

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MacRaild, Donald (2006) ‘Diaspora’ and transnationalism: theory and evidence in explanation of the Irish world-wide’. Irish Economic and Social History, 38 (1). pp. 51-58.

MacRaild, Donald (2005) Networks, communication and the Irish Protestant diaspora in northern England, c.1860-1914. Immigrants and Minorities, 23 (2/3). pp. 311-337.

MacRaild, Donald (2003) ‘Abandon Hibernicisation’: Priests, Ribbonmen and an Irish Street Fight in the north-east of England in 1858. Historical Research, 76 (194). pp. 557-573.

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Book Sections

Number of items: 11.

MacRaild, Donald (2016) An “Invisible Diaspora”?: English Associational Culturein Nineteenth-Century North America.. In: Between Dispersion and Belonging: Global Approaches to Diaspora in Practice. McGill-Queen’s University Press, Kingston, Ontario, and Montral, Quebec, pp. 189-214. ISBN 9780773547131

MacRaild, Donald and Hughes, Kyle (2015) Irish Politics and Labour: Transnational and Comparative Perspectives, 1798-1914. In: Transnational Perspectives on Modern Irish History. (Eds: Whelehan, Niall), Routledge, New York, pp. 45-68. ISBN 9780415719803

MacRaild, Donald and Hughes, Kyle (2014) Anti-Catholicism and Orangeism in nineteenth-century England and Scotland: Militant Loyalism in action. In: Loyalism and the Formation of the British World. Boydell, Woodbridge, Suffolk, pp. 61-80. ISBN 9781843839125

MacRaild, Donald (2014) Emigration, 1800-1920. In: The Oxford Handbook of Modern Irish History. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 562-581. ISBN 9780199549344

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MacRaild, Donald (2005) The Irish and Scots in the English Orange Order in the later nineteenth century. In: Order and Disorder: Ireland and Scotland, 1600-2001. (Eds: Kennedy, Liam and Morris, R.J.), John Donald, Edinburgh, pp. 163-175. ISBN 978-1904607557

MacRaild, Donald (2005) The origins and development of traditions of industrial militancy in the UK. In: New Zealands Great Strike of 1913. (Eds: Nolan, Melanie and Hill, Richard), Victoria University Press, Welington, New Zealand, pp. 260-278. ISBN 1-877257-40-0

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Number of items: 1.

Peters, Marie-Claire, Ferguson, Frank, Dochartaigh, Pl, MacRaild, Donald, Montgomery, Barry and Morrey, Rowan (2016) Representations of Jews in Irish Literature Exhibition. Royal Irish Academy, Dublin.

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