Arts & Humanities Research Institute

Arts and Humanities Research InstituteThe Arts & Humanities Research Institute (AHRI) at the University of Ulster was created in 2009 with membership drawn from former research groupings in the Humanities Research Institute, the Academy for Irish Cultural Heritages and the Institute of Ulster-Scots Studies. The AHRI provides an institutional focus for research activity and collaboration across four research clusters in English, History, European Languages and Studies and Creative Arts and Technologies embracing a range of subject areas within the Faculty of Arts, including Drama, Dance, Music, Creative Technologies, German, Spanish, French, English and History. The AHRI promotes a broad research culture and environment within which research activity in individual disciplines flourishes.

The scope of this activity involves research seminars and original readings and performances by eminent visiting speakers, Institute staff and postgraduate students. In addition, the Institute encourages engagement by staff and postgraduates with the wider research community through participation in international conferences, collaboration with institutions in Ireland, the UK and overseas, and engagement in editorial work with prestigious journals and publishers.

The AHRI encourages research within the various disciplines that are represented in its ranks while also promoting at all times research collaboration and exchange where appropriate. The AHRI’s strength lies in providing what might otherwise be small disciplines with a greater internal context for their work, expanding beyond their traditional limits while at the same time preserving their integrity as subject units. The AHRI seeks to make as much as possible of the research being done in the Institute relevant to an audience both within and beyond the confines of Higher Education.